Voile Straps Nano Series — 16"

Voile Straps Nano Series — 16"
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Load Circumference Min — Max:
1.25in — 14.3in (3.2cm — 36.3cm)

The all-new NANO Series, our smallest straps yet! 1/2" wide, this micro version of our time tested tiedown offers the same versatility in an even smaller package.

Inspired by a few clever users’ modifications to our standard Voile Straps, the all-new Voile Straps Nano Series is designed with the minimalist in mind. They are available in three sizes, each of which will accommodate a load as narrow as a ballpoint pen. They feature the same weatherproof and UV-resistant material that you know and love. They are textured for extra grip, and are fitted with a glass-filled nylon buckle. So when you need a tiny strap that will overdeliver, the Nano Series helps you keep it together.

• Non-Marring: Avoids scratching to preserve sensitive surfaces.
• Non-Reflective: More discrete than the standard aluminum buckle.
• Non-Conductive: The preferred choice for electrical contractors.
• Won't Slip: Textured "rubber" strap provides grip to avoid slipping.
• Holds Tight: Strap is semi-elastic, creating tension that tightly secures items.
• Super Strong: Sustains heavy loads under dynamic force.
• UV Resistant: Endures extended periods of use in direct sunlight.
• Works in Extreme Weather: Immune to atmospheric heat and freezing temperatures.
• Daisy Chain Together: Can be linked to other straps to create longer operating lengths.
• Time-Tested: The original polyurethane tension strap, designed in Utah, USA in 1984.


Product Reviews

Voile Nano 16” straps
These straps are amazing and so strong for being so light! I’ve been using them to strap a portable speaker to my bike. Also love the lime green color!
Verified Buyer
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Amazing Bike Helmet Repair
Yet another application for the Voile strap! My mtn bike helmet broke on a recent Yellowstone trip - this saved the day! Thanks, Voile! (this is the new mini strap)
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I have purchased almost every size and variation of these straps not because I need them but because I can always find a new way to use them! Tight and grippy are the two most generic compliments I can give, get them and you will not be disappointed!
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First reaction...so cute
I have carried whatever itteration of voile straps with me on ski touring and snowmobile adventures for over two decades now. These little straps are a great upgrade. I never had any durability issues with the big straps so it only makes sense to go smaller and more packable. These things look just as durable And are easy to wrap around a ski pole and forget about. The plastic clip in my mind is an upgrade as well. The aluminum ones were sharp and cold. Thanks voile.
Verified Buyer
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Worked great ...the lighter weight strap Worked well on my water bottle as well as holding my ground clothes. Give me 2 more inches they and it would be perfect I got pictures to prove it...👍😊
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Tough and perfectly sized
I was nano-curious. I have been blown away by the durability and strength of the original size aluminum buckle models, and now these. It's like the day you're eyes land on the ziptie selection of a good hardware store and your realize there are more problems that you could have been solving, is that but better and reusable with just the right amount of stretch.
Mischa E Redenbaugh
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An EDC (every day carry) essential!
Buy them and you will use them for everything! I've used them for my commute via bike, bikepacking, touring, camping, vacation, work, etc! EVERY DAY CARRY in various lengths, but the 16in is the most versatile. I've used the shorter straps during the pandemic to keep the elastic on my mask from digging into the back of my ears. I've lost some on rides and even spent the time to retrace my steps to find them (100% success rate so far) because I have become so attached to the straps. Lost a button on my pants, used a Voile strap through the button hole and a belt loop to secure my pants until the hike was over. Buy 'em!
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Essential stuff for bikepackers
All Voile Straps are essential for bikepackers. I have a mix of Nano Series 9"-12"-16", normal series 20"-25" and XL Series 32" and can just fix anything to my bike.
Pascal Vanhove
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Very handy
These new nano straps are super handy for holding down all the little things in life. I keep a handful of these in my home and in my truck. They are very useful.
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Orange: Part No: 800NANO-16-O UPC: 759948916002
Red: Part No: 800NANO-16-R UPC: 759948916040
Black: Part No: 800NANO-16-BK UPC: 759948916019
Blue: Part No: 800NANO-16-B UPC: 759948916026
Green: Part No: 800NANO-16-G UPC: 759948916033