Voile Straps Nylon Buckle — 15"

Voile Straps Nylon Buckle — 15"
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Load Circumference Min — Max:
5.5in — 12.5in (14cm — 31.7cm)

These Voile Straps® are made of tough stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan.

Their Super Tough nylon buckle is non-marring, non-conductive, and non-reflective.

On the job, in the outdoors, and everywhere in between: they are the reliable way to secure, bundle, and repair almost anything on the go. Over the last 30 years they have become the ultimate alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords. When an expedition goes awry, the Voile Strap becomes much more than simply useful: it becomes the most essential tool in your kit.

No matter where you're going, no matter how ambitious the journey, and no matter your method of travel, there is an ever-growing arsenal of time tested, weather immune, and damn-near indestructible Voile Straps ready to keep your kit dialed... and perhaps even save the day when other tech fails.

• Non-Marring: Avoids scratching to preserve sensitive surfaces.
• Non-Reflective: More discrete than the standard aluminum buckle.
• Non-Conductive: The preferred choice for electrical contractors.
• Won't Slip: Textured "rubber" strap provides grip to avoid slipping.
• Holds Tight: Strap is semi-elastic, creating tension that tightly secures items.
• Super Strong: Sustains heavy loads under dynamic force.
• UV Resistant: Endures extended periods of use in direct sunlight.
• Works in Extreme Weather: Immune to atmospheric heat and freezing temperatures.
• Daisy Chain Together: Can be linked to other straps to create longer operating lengths.
• Time-Tested: The original polyurethane tension strap, designed in Utah, USA in 1984.


Product Reviews

Handier than a pocket on a shirt
A staple for cycling race mechanics to have these on hand at all times. Handy for pairing wheels to transport to that pits, keeping tents secured or anything else where you need to lash something back together. While toe straps are the OG, these are much more versatile.
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Voile Straps:
Tried and true. They simply work, no questions asked!
Verified Buyer
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Voile Straps - Multipurpose
I've used these straps for a wide variety of applications and they exceed my expectations every time. I love the versatility!
John S.
Verified Buyer
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Buckle makes the difference
The straps are magnificent for attaching bottles and bags to the mountain bike for off-road bicycle touring. Aluminum buckle is easy to open and close. Nylon buckle is an abomination of difficulty in getting the strap over the locking pin. Incomparable to the aluminum buckle. I would happily exchange all of the straps I've purchased with the nylon buckle for aluminum. Otherwise, the straps are rock solid.
David T
Verified Buyer
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Nylon Buckle 15inch Straps
These straps are incredible. They lock into place and dont move an inch, I initially used them for skiing however they work for strapping literally anything to anything (permitting you can wrap it around both articles). I will be using it on my roof racks, attaching spare bags to my pack, attaching a surfboard to my backpack and the list goes on. So stoked!
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Best in the biz
Keeps my spare 27.5 tubes nice and snug beneath the saddles of both my MTB and gravel bike on chunky descents up here in Nor Cal.
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Perfect for holding a spare tube
Another great product from Voile the 15'' version was perfect for holding a spare tube and some levers on my downtube. Been there for months and never comes loose. New Olive colour is wicked A++
Verified Buyer
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Great straps
Was a little hesitant to order these but once I got them they are exactly what was needed great product will order more as needed!!
Adrian Quesnot III
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Light and durable!
Love the buckle system on these. Have never had one break down on me!
Blake Votilla
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