Voile Split Hooks

Voile Split Hooks
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Set of 4 Hooks. Includes all screws, bushings and nuts to mount to your splitboard. This parts kit is not for the split-your-own-boards, but for factory build splitboards. The difference is in the type of screw that is used to attach the hook to the board half.


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Og hooks are the best hooks. Adjustable if u have bic pen.
I have been splitting 22 years. Awesome. These are the best imo-simple n light n easy to clear ice. They are "adjustable" if u have a bic pen and a cutting knife. If the split manufacturer drilled holes wrong and u want to get rid of slop try adjusting pucks outward a little morefirst. If that doesn't work get a bic pen, cut a small ring same height as spacer on outer peg. Remove nut on outside bolt. Put bic pen ring on outside bolt over spacer. Reinstall nut. The bigger spacer brings hook fwd a bit and tightens the board together. Bic pen is perfect size n material for this. Personal ly I don't like it to tight for touring, quicker transitions when iced and doesn't matter when riding powder. I am a big fan of making sure the ptex side of the bolt is low enough/ flush. Oversized drill bit To remove ptex/wood to proper depth.
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Reason Board Company
There's been a lot of hype in the industry lately about how the hooks should pull the board halves together. I could tell stories about testing the Voile hooks against other brands (sounds like coughing), but in the essence of time, take my word for it. When installed properly, Voile hooks DO pull the board halves together and keep them from deflecting as well. They're super lightweight and strong as nails. It's all in the name; simple, solid, backcountry.
Dave Jessen
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