Voile Ski Crampon - 115mm

Voile Ski Crampon - 115mm
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Voilé Ski Crampons, used in combination with your climbing skins will provide the ultimate in secure backcountry ascents.

Unlike mobile systems that are specific to certain binding systems and only provide minimal purchase into the snow while the heel elevator is in the up position, Voilé Ski Crampons are designed to work with most telemark bindings and are fixed to the ski to always provide full purchase into the snow even with the heel elevator in the up position.

Includes a pair of mounting disks, a pair of crampons, and nylon storage bag.

Available in 3 widths, up to 96mm ski waist, up to 115mm ski waist, and up to 130mm ski waist.



Width : 115mm
Part Number2090-115-R
Weight (lbs/kg).68lb/.308kg per pair
Required Clearance Height0.5in/1.27cm
Width Required Between Toe Piece and Heel Pad3.0in/7.62cm
Material6061-T6 Tempered Alum
Benefits/UsesCompatible with most telemark bindings full engagement for steep and icy ascents

Product Reviews

Engages the snow while using risers
Best ski crampon I have used. Super light and maintains a flush mount to the ski even when not weighted. This is a massive help on steep skins. My buddies had other ski crampons and I had these going up a wilderness fourteener. I put out 1/3 of the energy they did !!
Chris Jaquet
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At last, riser-friendly spikes for steeps!
The ski crampon is a magnificent but far too failure-prone device. Like many folks, I find that my primary need for spiky traction occurs during steep, icy climbs, where I'm likely to be in my risers. BUT SEÑOR STASH, AREN'T RISERS FOR LAZY / INCOMPETENT SKI MOUNTAINEERS WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO SET A SKIN TRACK!??! Right, well sometimes you don't get to set the track. Enter the Voile Ski Crampon: it locks into place no matter your riser level. It's light and burly. It's easy to install and remove without stepping out of your binding. It's also compatible with every binding on the market, since it bolts onto your ski directly. I chug past folks on these all the time and I just say: VOILÉ. They will not glide across flats, but I reckon you won't need them on the flats. I have one measly point of feedback: I would love it if the swivel lock had a detente or some other kind of redundancy. I have had a crampon pop off before, luckily without consequence, and I've noticed that they can jiggle or rattle when smashing into boilerplate. But still far and away my favorite ski crampon.
Thank you for your feedback! Now to see about engineering some redundancy.. 🤔
Tree Stash
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Good crampon, but...
The description did not clearly explain that the disks to attach them are included. So I ordered them separately. And now I discovered they are included, so I have one pair to many.
Verified Buyer
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