Voile Sidethrow Heel and Spring Unit

Voile Sidethrow Heel and Spring Unit
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You will receive one Sidethrow heel unit and two cable springs. Spare part for 3-pin cable. This is sold as a single unit. If you need a pair please order two. Also you can choose from Standard 8" cable spring length, XL 9", or XXL 10".


Product Reviews

sidethrow heel and spring unit
I had one pair of these for my Ultra Vector BC skis, and decided to buy two more pairs so that I could fit two more pairs of boots, my leathers and an old pair of T3's. My first pair I adjusted for my new T 4's. I turn the springs to the right tension and then I mark them with duck tape so that I don't have to keep taking them on and off depending on which pair of boots I want to use. The wire, cartridge version is easier to adjust while still on the ski. These are not, but they seem to work better for my leather boots and work great for my plastic boots. The only problem I had is that the 8 inch size is still a little too long for my T3's and T4's at a 26.5 size. So I used a pair of cable cutters to get them to the right length. I had to cut off about an inch or an inch and a half on one side of each pair of springs to get the right tension for my plastic 81/2 size boots. This left the spring with the end a bit sticking out and would not wind into the side throw, so I had to use another pair of pliers to bend the end of the spring cable back in so that it wasn't sticking out and I could get it to screw back in. I would recommend Voile should make another size for smaller boots, because this was rather hard to do. Maybe a 7 inch size spring cable. Other than that, I really do like the way these spring cables work.
Scott Balsai
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Part No: 605-1 UPC: 759948060514
Part No: 605-1-9-XL UPC:759948910291
Part No: 605-1-10-XXL UPC:759948910307