Voile Scraper

Voile Scraper
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The scraper is useful for eliminating any snow/ice buildup on the base of your splitboard/skis.


Product Reviews

Splitboard scraper
I have had the original scraper I got with the split kit in 2000 and still use it every season. Incredibly durable an handy. My friend who is on Tele saw it and ordered one for the ridiculous low price of $6 so I ordered a spare. Bomber!
Chris Casey
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Gram for gram and dollar for dollar...
Gram for gram and dollar for dollar, this is probably the single greatest piece of gear I own. The size easily disappears into any pocket, yet gives enough grip for chipping off the thickest ice chunks that have somehow appeared on your bindings or the bottoms of your skis. The pointy tip cleans out tech-toe inserts and the "L" notch scrapes two edges of iced-up splitboard puck at the same time. The angled edge works amazingly as a squeegee to pull streams of water out of waterlogged skins. I keep a scraper in each pair of pants I wear for any winter activity and have given them to all my touring partners and kids. They have saved the day countless times and I never leave home without one (or two). Buy five. Best ten bucks you'll ever spend on backcountry gear!
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It’s like the American Express card. Don’t leave home without it. Had one initially. Lost it. Tried to live without it. It was never the same. Recently got a replacement and it makes all the difference. The little nub that sticks out is crucial for scraping pucks free of snow. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!
Jon Pyle
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Volie Scraper.
Its small, light, and gets the job done.
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