Voile Light Rail Splitboard Binding

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Voile Light Rail Splitboard Binding
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Simplify, reduce weight, and increase performance of your Voile splitboard with the new Voile Light Rail splitboard binding. The Light Rail integrates the Slider Track and Strap Binding into a lightweight, low profile, but rigid splitboard binding.

The lightweight, laser cut 6061-T6 aluminum base plate is designed to eliminate ice build-up and the extended vertical sides improve stability and performance. A fully adjustable heel cup allows the high back to reach negative angles for more comfortable touring and a longer stride. The aluminum rails are CNC machined from solid 7075-T6 bar stock and anodized for amazing durability.

It couldn’t be easier to transform your stance from tour mode into a perfect forward lean with the all-new Ride-N-Stride Highback. Tilting the Highback forward and pressing on the bottom half of the lean block secures it over the heel cup, locking it into the forward angle of your choosing. When you’re back on the skin track, simply pressing on the upper portion of the lean block allows you to sink the Highback for an additional <25° of movement.

Dual Climbing Heels
Touring Bracket and Slider Pins
Ride-N-Stride Highback

Splitboard Pucks


  • The new base plate design allows for stance adjustments to be made with the new Voile channel puck system with out having to remove the binding or use an alignment guide.
  • Improved ankle straps with a low profile single screw adjustment reduce pressure points for more comfortable touring.
  • Improved ladder straps for smoother and more precise operation.
  • Wider pivot bushing for better durability and side-hill stability.



    Size : Small
    Boot Size4-7.5 USM
    Weight (lbs/kg)/Pair2lbs 14oz/1.31kg
    Base Plate Material6061-T6 Tempered
    Rail Material7075-T6 Tempered
    Size : Medium
    Boot Size8-10.5 USM
    Weight (lbs/kg)/Pair3lbs/1.36kg
    Base Plate Material6061-T6 Tempered
    Rail Material7075-T6 Tempered
    Size : Large
    Boot Size11+ USM
    Weight (lbs/kg)/Pair3lbs 2oz/1.42kg
    Base Plate Material6061-T6 Tempered
    Rail Material7075-T6 Tempered

    Product Reviews

    Good function, needs to be maintained
    The fit and function of these bindings is good. For a soft boot binding, transitions are simple and as quick as can be. On the trail, I had my ankle strap come loose and the bolt that attaches it to the binding was lost, so a) loctite all your bolts, and b) carry plenty of spares in all sizes with you or you may have to resort to bailing wire as I did to get home. Maybe upgrade to nylock nuts for the next version, guys?
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    Easy to use
    perform well
    Verified Buyer
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    Time tested
    Not the newest design, but a super bulletproof bindings. Much lighter and less moving parts than the plate system. Great bang for your buck!
    Verified Buyer
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    Excellent binding and same size as Men's M
    I purchased these bindings for myself after finding out that the Men's M was sold out. These bindings are the exact dimensions and fit as the Men's Medium just purple, which I like more anyway! After two days of touring I have these bindings to be excellent. They are very well made with what appears to be very durable materials. Transitions from tour to ride mode was super easy and quick and I am extremely pleased! Great product Voile, Thank you!
    Verified Buyer
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    Rock Solid
    I’ve been riding and climbing on these for about five or six years and they are rock solid and responsive. I didn’t like the feel of the straps so I frankensteined them with much softer Burton straps. I believe the newer versions have better straps.
    Terrence Tabouli
    Verified Buyer
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    Older version needed improvement
    I have the older version of the light rail bindings. It appears that the issues I had have been addressed. The biggest issue I had is that after a couple of seasons of hard use, the pivot holes stretched and have completed distorted. The bushings in the newer version should take care of that. The ankle straps didn’t fare well either, the vinyl surface cracked and fell off leaving the rough textile. They are now covered with duct tape. That said, they are significantly lighter than mounting a third party binding on sliders and with some creativity third party straps can be used to replace the stock ones when they become worn.
    Yes, the new models have definitely improved and addressed old issues. Also you can buy new Voile ankle and toe straps on our website.
    Mike Kerkmann
    Verified Buyer
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    Small 4-7.5 USM: Part No: 1137-S UPC: 759948917092
    Medium 8-10.5 USM: Part No: 1137-M UPC: 759948917108
    Large 11+ USM: Part No: 1137-L UPC: 759948917115