Voile Splitboard Dual Height Climbing Heels w/Heel Lock

Voile Splitboard Dual Height Climbing Heels w/Heel Lock
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In situations where a splitboarder needs better control and maneuverability when skiing their individual board halves, the Voile Heel Lockdown slides in for the win. While traversing ridgelines, sidestepping, or when cruising rolling terrain to the next ascent, the Heel Lockdown does just what its name suggests.

Seated securely under the Dual Climbing Heels, the Heel Lockdown’s two nylon hooks slide into your binding’s rails, fastening them to the board. No more faux telemark turns for you, buddy.

Compatible with the Speed Rail, Light Rail, and Slider Track

Sold as a pair

*Fixed mode on Light Rail Crampon and Splitboard Crampon for Slider Track is NOT possible with the inclusion of the Voile Heel Lock.

Having trouble installing the heel wires? Make it easier on yourself and watch this video.


Product Reviews

Heel lock doesn't seem to stay locked
The heel risers work great, but the heel locker doesn't want to stay locked. It works great for the first couple of turns and then it will pop out.
It is critical that you install the spacer right-side-up, this is likely why you're experiencing issues. Also, please make certain that you've tightened your hardware.
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I love all the features. Double risers are a must for me. Also the availability to lock the heels in can come in handy. You never know what’s going to come at you, but this set up help with the up and the down.
Kordell Black
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Heel lifts save energy on big ascents and heel lock is a nice touch!
These Voile climbing heel lifts are awesome - I use the shorter ones on almost every tour at some point, and the tall ones are a great option for big ascents. They are easy to flip up and down using the end of my pole so I never have to bend over to adjust them, unlike my friends that have heel risers from other companies! The heel lock is a nice addition for downhill skinning and side-stepping scenarios, although not as easy to maneuver with just the end of a pole. 4 stars because the heel lifters were pretty difficult to assemble... You have to pull the metal wires apart and align them into a small channel in the plastic part. The shorter ones were easier to assemble, but I had to ask several different friends to attempt to help me put together the taller ones. It was extremely difficult to stretch the metal enough while aligning the plastic channel - everyone that tried said it's a job that needs three hands, yet it's a one person job with how small the pieces are. After about a week of asking different friends and coworkers for help, I finally got them all in. Voile - maybe you could ship these pre-assembled? No problems since we got it figured out though, and assembly instructions were clear. Overall, I would definitely recommend Voile's dual height system and the heel lock is a great feature if you are going to be entering more technical terrain. All can be done with the end of a pole. The material are high quality, but assembly might take some manual labor.
Thanks for the review and we are glad to hear you like the product! The assembly should be super easy but we realize there's been some instructional error on our part. We just added a link to an instal video in the product description. Hope this helps!
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Part No: 1135-56-HL UPC: 759948915203