Voile Hoback T Avalanche Shovel

Voile Hoback T Avalanche Shovel
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Press the pin, twist the handle. Deploying the hoe function on the new Voilé Hoback Series avalanche shovels is that simple — and by “simple” we mean fast. You don’t have time to fuss over your equipment, least of all during an avalanche rescue. The Hoback Series avalanche shovels are uniquely built to handle ice and debris, with features that will be appreciated on even your most whimsical outings.

It always pays to be prepared, and there can be no substitute for reliable avalanche safety equipment. “Know Before You Go,” and carry your Voile shovel when you do.

Rapidly deployed hoe function for rescue situations. Telescoping handle adjusts from 30° to 100° without removing the scoop: simply press the pop-pin and twist.

• Compact T-grip stows easily.

Cold forged and T6-tempered aluminum scoop sustains the impact of every shovel strike, negating the possibility of broken pins when working through ice or debris.

• Flat shovel blade is ideal for conducting snow science.



Part Number: 423-T
Weight(lbs/kg)1lb 13oz / 817g
Length26.5in / 67.2cm
Extended35.4in / 89.9cm
Handle only17.8in / 45.3cm
Scoop only (LxW)11.7 x 10in / 29.8 x 25.4cm
Scoop Material6061-T6 Tempered
Benefits/UsesRapidly-deployed Hoe Function Professional's Choice Strongest

Product Reviews

Almost Perfect
This is a great shovel. It is very ergonomic to dig with, just the right size (big, but not too big), the T-handle is great, and the holes in the shaft are in the right places so snow doesn't get inside and freeze it together. Unfortunately, it has one glaring issue. The handle attachment to the blade protrudes a tiny bit behind the blade itself. This makes it very difficult to get perfectly smooth pit walls. It can make walls that are plenty smooth for stability tests and layer identification, but they're not picture perfect. As an avalanche professional that literally takes pictures of my pits on a daily basis and publishes them on social media this means that I'm back on the search for the perfect shovel. Which is unfortunate, because this shovel is so close.
Verified Buyer
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Simple and solid
Flat blade - check Bombproof construction - check Extending handle - check Hoe mode - check I've been using Voile shovels as long as I've been backcountry skiing. The low profile but large size of the Hoback blade fits nicely in the pack, the flat blade makes getting square pit walls a piece of cake, and the long handle and easy conversion to hoe mode make it easy to move a ton of snow really quickly.
Matt Zia
Verified Buyer
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Great shovel!
With the traditional and hoe set up this shovel is extremely versatile. Combined with the flat blade and welded attachment I dont think I could ask for more!
Aaron Diamond
Verified Buyer
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Great for shaping the walls of your snow profiles
The hoe function makes perfect walls in my snow profiles super easy. I've always had Voile Shovels because of their proven durability and the Hoback really adds some amazing functionality to an already awesome shovel design. Thanks Voile!
Excellent! Much thanks to our V-Team ambassador Nick D'Alessio for helping to champion the development of this product, and Wally and the engineering team for making a great idea shine ✨✨✨
Ben Kelley
Verified Buyer
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Part No: 423-T UPC: 759948919812