Voile Hardwire Heel Lever (Grey)

Voile Hardwire Heel Lever (Grey)
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One Pair of Hardwire telemark binding levers (grey). Includes screws and nuts to attach to Hardwire Assembly.


Product Reviews

New life for old bindings
As far as I could ever tell, the heel levers were the only weak point of the Hardwire binding. And they weren't all that weak - but mine did finally give out after almost 20 years. These got me back on the slopes and feel more solid than the originals ever did.
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Good Replacement part
This part is well made and replaces the old one. I am still unhappy that Voile is not making their releasable telemark binding. This was the best release binding on the market. The person(s) that discontinued made a huge mistake by not continuing. I now will buy 3t bindings because they are the only release binding on the market. Sad for Voile. Tell their marketing decision makers that they screwed up big time.
Paul Weiss
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High quality product.
Everything is fine. High quality product. Thank you.
Andrei Lubinetc
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