Hyper Glide Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips 130mm

Hyper Glide Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips 130mm
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Made with the perfect blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon, Hyper Glide Splitboard Skins are light, grippy, and glide so well you’ll think you left your skins in your pack. Indestructible asymmetric heat-treated aluminum clips and Voile Strap style tail straps ensures your skins stay snug and secure, while a 100% waterproof membrane between the fibers and the adhesive drastically improves durability and glue performance while reducing weight and making them more pliable for easy stowing. And the Ever Dry hydrophobic treatment makes sure they keep gripping, whatever the weather—no need for sprays or waxes to stop the glop.

Each set of Hyper Glide skins comes with a trim tool, nylon stuff sack, and a promise to be the best skins you’ve ever slapped on your board.


  • 70% Mohair – 30% Nylon
  • Hardened and Anodized Aluminum Tip & Tail Plates
  • Stainless Steel Rivets
  • Stainless Steel Full-Wrap Tip Loop
  • Indestructible Urethane Tail Strap
  • Hardened and Anodized Aluminum Tail Clip
These skins harness POMOCA’s research and development of materials, weaving techniques, and fiber attachment systems to provide a combination of gripping power and durability in a light weight package:

  • Safer Skin: A 100% waterproof membrane that prevents the transfer of moisture between the skin’s plush and adhesive layers. This drastically improves the glue performance from edge to edge while also increasing the skin’s tear resistance. This (2nd) generation of their lining is made with finer layers, which effectively reduce weight and make the skin more pliable (easier to trim, handle, and stow).
  • Ever Dry: This hydrophobic treatment is applied to the entire length of the skin’s fibres, guaranteeing life-long protection without the need for antiglopping sprays.


Size : Small
Ski Length (cm)148 - 154
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Medium
Ski Length (cm)155 - 162
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A
Size : Large
Ski Length (cm)163 - 169
Pair Weight (lbs/g)N/A

Product Reviews

Pomoca efficient, Voile tough
Verified Buyer
I had a set of orange nylon Voile skins that lasted me nearly ten seasons, so when they finally started to fail I decided to take a chance on these and get some of the glide I was used to on my super-threadbare orange carpets, but with some actual grip mixed in. They are a revelation! Grip is nearly as good as full nylon, even on icy East Coast tracks, and the glide is simply amazing. Touring with friends now often breaks into two groups: those that have "gone green" at the front and those who haven't bringing up the rear. They are supple and pack way smaller than full nylon skins, but somehow they seem to hold up to skinning over rocks and logs, through streams and gravel crusted snow just as well. They might be Pomoca efficient, but they're Voile tough. The tip loop is bomber and the tail is quick to adjust to different board lengths in my quiver (except the V-tail) and has only ever popped off in the thickest of 'schwack. I've used them for three seasons in conditions from -25F to 50F and the glue has never failed me.
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Best option on earth for Splitboards
Dave Manago
If you're a splitboarder, these are definitely the best skins in the world for you. I've been splitboarding in Colorado, Wyoming, California, VT, and NH for 8 years and me & my entire crew of homies agree these are the best skins in the world for skinning deep dow in the winter, sketchy icy kick-turns in the spring, and everything in between. My friends have tried Jones, Pomoca, BD, everything under the sun, and Voile skins are always the tried and true option. Great stick, great glide, heavy duty yet lightweight. Almost NEVER have issues with them. Just buy them my friend!!!!
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Work great !
These skins work amazing, have used them for a number of seasons and they are sticky and are still going strong
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Great skins
Easily installed and very durable. Glide right up the mountain
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Long Time User
Nic Van Dyken
Verified Buyer
Gone through a lot of voile skins over the years and have always felt they were the best. However, bought my son some new hyper glide splitboard skins and while the new glue is easy to separate the skins it does not stick to the bottom of the board at all. 210$ is a lot for us and I am super dissapointed, nothing sucks more than skin failure on your second lap with an epic day ahead of you. Going to throw some BD skin glue on them and hope for better results.
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Great glue, great glide
L Snowpitz
Verified Buyer
Decided to go back to the tried and true Voile skins after several seasons of messing around with cheaper skins during my former dirt bag lifestyle. Nose and tail clips are rad and perfectly line up with my splitboard, eliminating that teeny gap that inevitably fills with snow. After half a dozen tours ranging from mashed potatoes to steep dawn patrol groomers, the traction of these skins is great and very reliable. I have not experienced any slipping. They are lightweight, super sticky but not TOO sticky, great glide. My only gripe is that on my most recent hot pow day, I was the only one in my group getting massive amounts of snow glopping underfoot, as compared to my partners with a new pair of G3s and seasoned Pomocas. Not a huge deal and the problem is easily solved with a liberal application of skin glue, but something for Voile to be aware of. Super happy I made the decision to come back to Voile!
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Not Impressed
Verified Buyer
They are indeed lightweight, the new glue is awesome, and glide is no issue. HOWEVER, the real purpose of a skin is to climb and these are subpar to previous Voile Climbing skins I have used over the last decade. Just took em out in non-technical conditions on a skin track that wasn't crazy steep and the grip was extremely poor. I don't see myself ever using them after today's experience.
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Best Skin Out There
Verified Buyer
I ordered the Voile Hyper Glide Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips 155cm-162cm for my NS Prospector 160cm. The skins came up shorter than expected at the tail, similar to what is shown in the image, and I was a little nervous. Hiked/rode Berthoud Pass, CO Sunday (Jan 10th) with no issues. These skins replaced an older pair of Volie skins from 2015 (forget the model, but the were orange ones). The Hyper Glide are super light and the glue is a tacky, but not as gooey the older skins, which is nice and cuts down on weight. I have been splitboarding for 8-years and these are by far the best skins I have used, worth the extra money. The trimming tool that comes with the skins is also a plus!
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Best Skins I’ve ever owned
Have been using the same skins for 6+ years and have to say they are the best skins I have ever owned. Especially hearing from friends that have other brands that only last 2-3 years. Thanks Voile! Be safe in the backcountry and read the Avy reports before you head out!
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Verified Buyer
So smooth on the way up! Little resistance. These help save energy on the accent, and weigh your bag down less on the decent!
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Green machines
Verified Buyer
light weight skins that pack small and take less space in your pack. Nice glide with plenty of traction for the climb..... even on Wasatch skinners.
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Reason Board Company
Dave Jessen
Verified Buyer
They're like velcro for the snow. Need I say more? Oh yeah, and they're super lightweight and don't clog up with snow. Even after years of use, the tail clips keep them firmly attached to your board when the glue wears out, but remember, you can always reglue them!
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Good purchase!
Verified Buyer
These skins were a great purchase. They functioned perfectly with my splitboard and managed the terrain easily. I was impressed with how lightweight and easy they were to store on the way down the mountain. Super happy I got my climbing skins from Voile.
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Welcome to the future
Daris Krogmann
Verified Buyer
For the serious tourer, who values minimalistic functionality. These skins are extremely low profile and low volume. Ideal for the weight conscious, without compromising performance. Voile has eliminated the need for skin savers, further increasing user ability and each can be stored glue on glue, conveniently on one's person without the need to be Schwarzeneggar to seperate, on each transition. The mohair blend allows for glideablity and grip, in all snow conditions. Faultless skins from the pioneers of backcountry splitboard equipment.
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Excellent performance
Verified Buyer
Performed as described in a cold snowpack. I enjoyed the light weight and lower volume when stored in my jacket.
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Small: Part No: 1209-S UPC: 759948914749
Medium: Part No: 1209-M UPC: 759948914756
Large: Part No: 1209-L UPC: 759948914763