Voilé Womens Revelator Splitboard

Voilé Womens Revelator Splitboard
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    • Womens Revelator Construction

    Product Description

    A demanding backcountry rider need not be a distant, unemotional creature with a propensity for playing air guitar or relishing his “cave” time.

    The truth is: Many of the toughest snowboarders and backcountry enthusiasts out there are women. And for them, the Voilé Womens Revelator fits the bill.

    Ski and snowboard manufacturers often create simplistic female versions of their boards by merely softening and “shrinking and pinking” the male counterpart. That is not the case with the Voilé Womens Revelator. Yes, the Women’s Revelator is manufactured in smaller sizes and wears different graphics, but that’s as far as differences from that “other” Revelator really go. (To hell with pink and frilly designs, too.)

    The board’s relative width, robust flex, long camber area, early-rise nose, and tapered tail all let the Womens Revelator not only keep up with the boys, but shred the sickest of lines, to boot.

    And rumor has it that our signature Voilé Channel Puck System is quite the heartthrob, too.

    The Build

    Voilé Split Hooks & Clips
    Lightweight Paulownia Wood Core
    2 Carbon Fiberglass Layers
    Voilé Channel Puck System, (pucks included)
    2mm, Full-Perimeter Steel Edges
    Cap Construction
    Early-Rise Nose


    Length (cm)

    149 154
    Effective Edge 95.7 98.7
    Sidecut (meter) 8.2 8.4
    Waist width 24.6 24.8
    Nose Width 29 29.2
    Tail Width 27.8 28
    Nose Height 5.9 6.1
    Tail Height 4.1 4.3
    Camber camber/early rise camber/early rise
    Nose Length 30.9 31.2
    Tail Length 27.9 28.2
    Stance -3 -3
    Stance Width (max in) 23.5 23.5
    Board Weight (kg/lbs) 2.6kg/5lbs.11oz. 2.68kg/5lbs.14oz.
    Suggested Rider Weight Range (lbs-kg) 90-160


    149cm: part#: 1645-149-1415, UPC 759948909080
    154cm: part#: 1645-154-1415, UPC 759948909158