Voilé Splitboard Skins Tail-less

Voilé Splitboard Skins Tail-less
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    Product Description

    Voilé Splitboard Climbing Skins are specifically made for splitboards. They are cut to fit the right and left splitboard half.

    Further, Voilé Splitboard Skins have a bomber riveted stainless steel tip loop, that can take a ton of abuse while on the climb up. The material is a very hydrophobic nylon. The glue is the most tenacious on the market. It is reliable and proven.

    Includes a trim tool, and a nylon storage bag.



    Part Number 1202
    Size 130mm Wide x 152cm length
    Pair Weight (lbs.oz./kg.) 1lb 11oz/0.77kg
    Material Nylon with a Stainless Steel Tip Loop
    Benefits/Uses Hydrophobic nylon and tenacious glue, Covers running surface of board/Fits most brand lengths of splitboards


    part# 1202, UPC 759948910925