Voilé Switchback X2 Telemark Binding

Voilé Switchback X2 Telemark Binding
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    SKU: 608-130
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    Product Description

    Efficiency, Meet Power! The Switchback X2, same reliable ice-proof latching system for efficient uphill travel, but with a more powerful downhill toe plate and stiffer cartridge springs.

    We lengthened the toe plate by almost 3cm, repositioning the Hardwire cable pivot point and stiffened the cartridge springs by 25%.

    All these improvements and we are still the lightest telemark touring binding at 3lbs 2oz./pair!!

    A free-pivoting, alpine touring-style telemark binding, the new Voilé Switchback X2 allows backcountry telemark skiers to ascend with zero heel resistance thus conserving valuable energy and allowing for easier trail breaking. The Switchback X2 is easily switched from uphill touring to downhill telemark skiing with use of your ski pole. Also, it comes standard equipped with dual height climbing heel elevators for varying ascents.


    Toe plate lengthened for more boot contact and new Hardwire cable position for more power!

    Stiffer cartridge springs by 25%!

    Full-wrap around stainless steel toe plate without rivets.

    Enclosed design eliminates ice build-up.

    Lightest weight available, 3.2 lbs/1451.5g/pair

    Appropriate riser height, 25mm

    Time tested Hardwire heel assembly instead of braided cables.

    Includes dual height heel elevators +65mm/100mm

    Not compatible with the Voilé Release Kit.



    Black Black
    Part Number Short Rod: 608-130-10 Standard Rod: 608-130-20
    Boot Size (Mondo Point) 24-26.5 27-31
    Boot Sole Length (mm) measured from center pin hole to back of heel 273-322 305-350
    Boot Size (US) 5-8.5 9-13
    Weight(lbs/kg) 3 lbs-2oz/1.42kg/pr. 3 lbs-2oz/1.42kg/pr.
    Riser Height 25mm 25mm
    Dual Height Elevators 65mm/100mm 65mm/100mm
    Flex/Performance Aggressive Aggressive
    Material Heat treated stainless steel Heat treated stainless steel
    Benefits/Uses Free-pivoting, durable, dual climbing wires, no icing/Off-Piste Free-pivoting, durable, dual climbing wires, no icing/Off-Piste


    Short Rod: part# 608-130-10, UPC 759948813011
    Standard Rod: part# 608-130-20, UPC 759948813028