Voile Splitboard Hardware Puck Set-Canted

Voile Splitboard Hardware Puck Set-Canted
    SKU: 1100-19C
    Price: $55.00

    Product Description

    Includes 4 canted pucks, 4 puck gaskets, 2 in-line slot discs (with support posts), 2 parallel slot discs (with support posts), 5-M6x12mm pan head screws (with yellow thread lock), 9-M6x13mm pan head screws (with blue thread lock), and a puck alignment guide.

    Canted pucks allow the rider to relax their stance by bringing their knees inward toward each other, which promotes better alignment through the ankles, knees, and hips. This results in a more powerful and balanced position on top of the board.


    part# 1100-19C, UPC 759948908717