Seeking Freelance Topsheet Graphic Artists

We are seeking graphic artists and illustrators capable of exposing the soul that exists within our backcountry skis and splitboards. Our priority has always been (and will always be) the reliability of the gear we bring to market: but function need not come at the expense of fashion!

Of course it’s true that a well-balanced list of specifications and a reputation of reliability is attractive in its own right… such being the case, it’s no wonder that we’ve attracted a particular genre of backcountry diehards. We just happen to believe that they (you) deserve tools of the trade (i.e. weapons of mass enjoyment) that visually speak to the vibrant and expansive nature of your experience in Nature.

With this in mind, we’re inviting the opportunity to work with select artists to elevate the aesthetic element of our flagship products: skis and splitboards hand-made in our Salt Lake City facility. But you need not live in Utah! This is a freelance position that can be accomplished remotely. If you feel the calling, apply below. Or likewise send this link to any visionaries that come to mind…


  • Artists of any medium are welcomed to apply, but the final graphic must be supplied digitally.
  • As a time saving measure, we will only be considering applications that include a digital portfolio and two references.
  • This is a freelance (remote) position. Applicant must provide their own equipment and/or materials.
  • Payment terms are on delivery of final graphic.
  • Final graphics will be as large as 2 meters tall and 35 cm wide.

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