Voilé Athlete Team

Neil Provo

Growing up on the icy slopes in Connecticut, snowboarding became my passion at an early age. I was 11 when my pop made the move to Utah in 1999, and soon after his 3 boys followed one by one. I spent my first few years riding at the resorts and always looked out into the Wasatch to see these amazing tracks far off in the distance, thinking to myself "wow...how do I get back there!?". For me, the discovery of Voilé and the Splitboard opened the door to a world of snowboarding I never thought existed! Endless pow turns, solitude, unmatched terrain, no lift lines! -All things one can only experience outside the confines of the ski resort.

Splitboarding has taught me a lot about every aspect in life, and I can only hope to inspire others to get out and discover it too! Huge thanks to Wally and Kowboy for changing the way snowboarders look up at the mountains!

Links: neilprovo.com, Vimeo, Instagram

Zach Grant

Professional splitboarder half the time and alpine mountain climber the other. When he is not charging big mountains he is building his backcountry dream cabin by hand. With a degree in pow shredding and outdoor enthusiasm from The University of the Universe he rides every day in search for adventure.

Links: backcountryliving.weebly.com, Instagram

Cindi Lou Grant

Cindi is a professional snow slayer, passionate mountain tromper, sustainable cabin dweller, yoga practitioner and Wasatch native. She spends most all her days in the mountains and strives to protect them along side Save Our Canyons and Athletes for Clean Air. Splitting her snowboard into two has opened up a whole world of mountains without boundaries and she is all about exploring them.

Links: backcountryliving.weebly.com, Instagram

Eric Balken

With bachelor’s degrees in environmental studies and geography from the University of Utah, Eric Balken is a Salt Lake City native who skis every day at his home resorts Brighton and Alta. He’s made a name for himself in recent years by appearing in numerous ski magazines, including the cover of Backcountry Magazine’s 2012 Gear Guide. When not skiing, he works for a local non-profit, Glen Canyon Institute, and spends as much time as he can outside. He is also sponsored by Flylow, Smith Optics, Snogression, Alta, Brighton, and Alpine Haus.

Links: Eric's Instagram

Noah Howell

I was born and inbred in SLC beneath the mighty Wasatch Mountains. Somewhere along the way I fell off “track” and discovered an obsession for ascending to high places and skiing back down them. I’ve been practicing that craft for the past 13+ years. Some call it backcountry skiing. There are so many aspects to skiing and I love them all. The thrill, the inspiration, the perspiration, the challenge, the travel, the friends, the meditation, the powder, the nature and the exploration keep me hiking back for more.

Almost as much as I like skiing I like trying to share the experience. The family camcorder became a great tool for bringing the mountains down to the valley. After filming for a few years, my brother and I created Powderwhore Productions. We enjoy telling stories from the backcountry from all around the world as well as our backyard. Our approach is a low budget gorilla style that we continue to this day. Powderwhore has been a great vehicle to support traveling the world to ski some amazing lines for work and for pleasure. Just putting off getting a real job as long as possible.

Links: noahhowell.com, Instagram

Bob Athey

Known throughout the West as the "Wizard of the Wasatch," the infamous Robert Athey has spent more time in the Wasatch backcountry then most over the past 40 years. Bob was an instrumental part in the history of the splitboard, introducing Brett Kobernik to Wally back when splitboarding was barely and idea, let alone an "industry." These days you won't find him on tweeting half-naked selfies in the bathroom, and whether he is out digging pits, linking turns in a Chuck Norris fashion, Bob's social media is still hand encoded in HTML.

Links: wowasatch.com, Instagram

Beau Fredlund

Beau is a passionate backcountry skier, guide and photographer living up in Cooke City, MT. He's a graduate of the University of Utah, into jazz music, and loves exploring and documenting the art of wild places.

Links: Blog, Instagram

Brett "Kowboy" Kobernik

Brett Kobernik has been with the Utah Avalanche Center since the 2004-2005 winter season. More affectionately known "Kowboy," Brett worked as a helicopter skiing guide in Valdez, Alaska during mid 90s, a backcountry ski and snowboard guide for Utah Mountain Adventures and has been a product tester and designer for Voile Equipment for more than 20 years. Brett single-handedly invented the splitboard and still does most of his UAC field work with one but also is well versed on skis, snowmobiles, and snowbikes as well. (Click HERE for a cool video profile of Brett.) Brett is also responsible for much of the technical "behind the scenes" work on the UAC's website and programing for the American Avalanche Association.

Meredith Edwards

Meredith June Edwards is a Pennsylvania native living in Jackson Wyoming. She is a lover of mountains, adventures and her dog Moe. U.S. National Team member 2013-present for Ski mountaineer racing. When not training to go fast she enjoys skiing peaks, eating good food, and taking naps. Favorite range to ski is the Tetons, and when the snow is not flying you can find her ultra running. Aside from being a professional athlete, she has spent the last 8 years working as a residential counselor for kids with disabilities.

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