Max Deabler Location |  Salt Lake City, UT
Skis |  X9 180cm and X7 170cm

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Max grew up in rural Wisconsin, and was naturally an adventurer from a very young age. As soon as he could walk his father introduced him to skiing. Once he could ski, he was introduced to ski racing, and raced competitively all through high school. Through all of his skiing he was lucky enough to take frequent trips to the Rocky Mountains. After skiing 2000 vertical feet in a single run he realized that Wisconsin’s 200ft hills were no longer enough. So after completing high school he packed up and headed out to Utah to study business and environmental science at the University of Utah.

At the moment, Max can be found studying hard at The U during the week, and spending every moment of his weekends in the mountains. Besides skiing Max is passionate about the environment, photography, and eating healthy (vegan and gluten free). Max is also a world traveler, and wants to take it to skiing. Before he graduates from the U his goal is to ski on every continent.

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