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Production Manager-Ski and Splitboard (4/25/16) Full-Time, Year-Round
Responsible for purchasing, scheduling, and inventory control of finished product and raw materials. Must have experience or aptitude to understand ski and splitboard production processes. Support product designer, engineer, and supervisor to implement new products and processes. Support supervisor in troubleshooting problems with machines and processes. Effectively manage supervisor and production workers to reach production goals on time and within budget.

Salt Lake City based Tech Rep (4/25/16) Part-Time, Seasonal
This a part-time independent contractor position focused on dealer clinics and events. Work closely with Voile factory in-house reps at local and regional events. Must have experience with backcountry ski and splitboard gear. Current or former work in outdoor retail a plus. Voile provides all the equipment for dealer clinics and events and covers all travel related expenses. Your pay is based on how many clinics and events you attend.