Location |  Somewhere deep in the Wasatch Mountains, UT
Skis |  Pretty much one of everything.

Website |  www.wowasatch.com
Instagram |  @wowasatch

Known throughout the West as the "Wizard of the Wasatch," the infamous Robert Athey has spent more time in the Wasatch backcountry then most over the past 40 years. Bob was an instrumental part in the history of the splitboard, introducing Brett Kobernik to Wally back when splitboarding was barely an idea, let alone an "industry." These days you won't find him on tweeting half-naked selfies in the bathroom, and whether he is out digging pits, linking turns in a Chuck Norris fashion, Bob's social media is still hand encoded in HTML.


From Bob's Friends and Family:

Bob Athey. Wizard of the Wasatch. The long haired, crass but equally big hearted, backcountry ski and split boarder who roams the mountains day in, day out. His knowledge of the Wasatch terrain and snow is unmatched and invaluable. His countless hours of backcountry travel and snow assessment have yielded observations and information that we’ve all benefited from. He is as much a part of the Wasatch wilderness as the peaks and the pines, the aspens and the snow.

Unfortunately, Bob’s recently had a string of bad luck. A kitchen fire in his home has left it uninhabitable. Many of his possessions have been too badly damaged by smoke or fire to salvage. When taken to the hospital to assess his first and second degree burns, a lingering rib pain was correctly diagnosed as pneumonia, and Bob has now been in a hospital bed for over a week.

The Wasatch community, and the ski/snowboard/backcountry community as a whole, is a tight-knit group full of compassion and support for the experiences, people and terrain that we love. As Bob’s friends and family, we’re asking for help from this community. There are medical expenses, the question of what to do with his home and the replacement costs of so many of his belongings. Here’s our chance to give back to someone who’s given so much to the sport that we’re all so passionate about. Bob was once quoted as saying, “I want to be the only sponsored geriatric skier out there.” Let’s help get him back on track to achieving that goal.


Bob Athey's Recent Activity: