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Q&A with an Avalanche Forecaster

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Q: What are your earliest memories of backcountry travel? It really started because of my Dads love for skiing. He started me at a young age of two, and before then would ski with me in a backpack. I switched over to snowboarding when I was twelve and never looked back. They were the cool kids back then – remember; …

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Backcountry Ski Guiding with Aaron Diamond

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Dynamic. That’s the word I would use to describe my job as a ski and splitboard guide. No two days are exactly the same. Everything from the snow conditions, routes, weather, and client goals change from day to day. The only constant in the whole thing is that everyone there, including myself, is there for one reason; we’re there to …

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Caution is Key in Chamonix: The Human Element

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In the past month in France I have watched skiers tumble off cliffs, tomahawk out of icy couloirs, and whip into crevasses. I’ve been told that if I decided to rappel over a group that they would “cut me”, and I’ve been tangled up with impatient guides trying do the same on alpine climbing pitches and glaciers. I’ve been shouldered …

Human Powered

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You crush mountains before breakfast. You know better than most that any worthy goal requires dedication. The same is true for making the gear that will take you there…and bring you back safely. That’s why we are dedicated to our Utah facility, that’s why we are thankful for the skilled hands and sharp minds that have kept us going since …